‘stories of water’ is a collective project presenting a series of interventions ranging from video works and performance art to installations and seminars that consider the topic of water using different approaches. Over its four chapters, ‘stories of water’ explores the multifaceted formal qualities of water, the complex symbiotic entanglements in which humans and water coexist, as well as the politics of water in our current globalized reality.

Collective exhibition
27.01 – 12.02 2023
@ OnCurating Project Space
Zurich, CH

Featuring works by Archivo Familiar del Río Colorado, Sara Bonaventura, Cristina Cabada, Matthias Moos, Giulia Spada.

Throughout this second chapter, include notions of fluidity, trans-corporeality and symbiosis, collective memory, and bodies of water. As stated by cultural theorist and writer Astrida Neimanis:

“We live at the site of exponential material meaning where embodiment meets water. Given the various interconnected and anthropogenically exacerbated water crises that our planet currently faces – from drought and freshwater shortage to wild weather, floods, and chronic contamination – this meaningful mattering of our bodies is also an urgent question of worldly survival. [...] I reimagine embodiment from the perspective of our bodies’ wet constitution, as inseparable from these pressing ecological questions.” (Bodies of Water, Posthuman Feminist Phenomenology, 2016).

The presented works outline the interconnected currents of water from a posthuman entangled view of the world–seen in the work of Sara Bonaventura–to soundscapes that archive the low tides, the extractive infrastructure, and the current state of the deltaic region of the Colorado River, crossing over the US and Mexico. Giulia Spada’s dance practice flows through the trans-corporeal, embodying the planes where human and watery flesh collides. Drifting more towards the materiality and physically of water, Cristina Cabada constructs 3D exoskeletons of the element of water through her hand-sewn silicon textiles; while Matthias Moos creates altered landscapes where the digital and natural intersect — examining how wave algorithms deceive our time and spatial awareness.

Curated by Nora Brown, Rosela del Bosque, Jana Kurth, Taylor Hubbard, and Margherita Martini.