Art fair
9-12 February 2023
Planta Libre
Salón ACME
Mexico City, Mexico

Salón ACME is an art platform created by and for artists, which seeks to give visibility, impulse, and dissemination to creators that develop their work both in Mexico and abroad. Guest projects involve national and foreign galleries. Each gallery invites an artist (whose work may or may not be represented by the gallery) to show a specific project in one of the spaces of the venue. The exhibition format is Project Rooms. Participating in this section allows the galleries to exhibit more experimental proposals than in the common format of art fairs. Planta Libre was invited by guest curator Ana Castella to participate in this no.10 Salón Acme and present “Agrogonía” by artists Pilo Aceves and Omaris Molina. 

Agrogonía is a project developed by artist Pilo Aceves during the pandemic as an exercise to record the agricultural zone between the border with Baja California and Sonora. This region known as the valley of Mexicali and San Luis is where the Colorado River delta flows.

The work presented in Salón Acme no. 10 is a display of the many ways to observe the land, from the aerial views of the fields that shape neat and almost perfect geometries to photographs of the microorganisms that inhabit the soil around different sites. Pilo also portrays in multiple formats, from digital illustrations to collages, the prevailing social situation in everyday life.

From the idea of Agrogonía, Omaris Molina creates ¡Adiós Pueblo! a performance that talks about the drug trafficking issue in the Valley of Mexicali and San Luis. Representing a "puntero" (a person dedicated to guarding a territory guarded by certain organized crime groups), Omaris wears a jacket with thorns, symbolizing the aggressiveness of the desert, and a golden gun, representing opulence and power. After anchoring a beer, the movements become rough, strong, and full of violence. Omaris' performance is dirty, making the spectator uncomfortable.