Collective exhibition
Planta Libre Espacio Experimental
Mexicali, México

Archivo Familiar del Río Colorado is a collaborative project that explores the relationships between people, ecosystems, settlements, and water in the Colorado River Delta region. It began with an open call and is now a platform for artistic research projects and curatorial work, at the intersection of the planetary ecological crisis, the construction of learning communities, and contemporary art. The project aims to produce, collect, and edit documentary records, emphasizing the family archive and investigating how memory is constructed through relationships with water.

This exhibition brings together the network of people who constitute and think with the project, as well as a diversity of documentary materials that have been compiled over the last three years: from images of families in the canals of the Mexicali Valley, historical photographs of the Río Nuevo, our records in the lagoon system, maps from the last century, as well as chronicles of explorers and settlers in the Delta.

La huella del agua tiempo en forma de grieta presents a collective investigation and the reflections of fifteen participants who use the artistic field to explore their experiences of territory and landscape. The work is based on fiction, experimentation, and affective experience. Since May 2022 Enero y Abril has guided and accompanied the artistic processes that emerged from the series of walks carried out at the confluence of the river and the Laguna Salada, and in some canyons of the Sierra Cucapá and Sierra Juárez, which surround the dry basin of the lagoon; urging the interpretation of fissures and crevices, both in the bodily experience and in the landscape.